Queensland Conservatorium World Music Ensemble

YEAR 2007

At The 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

A Joyful Interlude of Wood on Water

The 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
Queensland Art Gallery
April 14 2007 - Brisbane - Australia

Gerardo Dirié, Burmese flute
Kieren Alexander, Indian flute
Miranda Deutsch, Nepalese reed flute
Sonia Filkorn, Nepalese wooden flute
Yuri Jo, Balinese suling
mei shao water
galley line up    Footsteps on Sand and Water
   (approaching Wei Wei's "Pillar Through Round Table")
   The 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
   Queensland Art Gallery
   April 14 2007 - Brisbane - Australia

   Mei shao sho yue project

   Kieren Alexander, zheng
   Gerardo Dirié, cavaquinho
   Miranda Deutsch, ruan
   Sonia Filkorn, traverse flute
   Silke Rottmann, clarinet
   Ricarda Giegler, violin
   Yuri Jo, electric guitar

gallery tango

Tango Q with baritone Gregory Peatey performing tangos - canciones  from the 1940's.
Queensland Art Gallery
April 14 2007 - Brisbane - Australia

Chinese Instrumental Ensemble Workshop with musicians
from the Shandong College of Arts

erhu and violin    Master Zhang Lingjie illustrates bowing
   and articulation borrowing from erhu to violin.
   Queensland Conservatorium,
   Project Week I 2007

sheng and accordion    Professor Mou Nan illustrates timbre and articulations
   on the Sheng. Students in the ensemble experiment  ways to    
   adapt them into other reed instruments.
   Queensland Conservatorium,
   Project Week I 2007

   Professor Mou Nan in his awe-inspiring performance
   of "The Poem of Far Away Grassland" by composer    
   Chen Mingzhi
   Queensland Conservatorium,
   Project Week I 2007

zheng and dizi    Professors Yao Ningxin (zheng) and Hao Yijun (dizi)
   demonstrate variations and ornamentations on a traditional tune.
   Queensland Conservatorium,
   Project Week I 2007

shared performance    The joint ensemble celebrates
    after an improvised blended performance    
    of a piece from the Shandong musicians'      
    Queensland Conservatorium,
    Project Week I 2007

group demonstration    
   Professors Yao Ningxin (zheng), and Mou
   Nan (sheng), and Shandong College of Arts
   students Sun Chian (pipa) and Lan Xin (liuqin)
   in an exhilarating demonstration of ensemble
   practice. Soprano Ms. Whang Shihui, director
   of the Shandong College of Arts, observes
   from farther back.    
   Queensland Conservatorium,
   Project Week I 2007

Klezmer Music Workshop with clarinetist Gregory Barrett
(Northern Illinois University, USA)

klezmer a klezmer b
Professor Gregory Barrett demonstrating and performing a selection of Khusidl, Freylekhs, and Bulgars. 

klezmer student workshop
    Students participating in the 
    Klezmer / World Music Ensemble Workshop.
    Queensland Conservatorium - May 22 2007

YEAR 2009

Sunday Performance at the Nepalese Pagoda @ South Bank
October 8 2009

Performing a short set of rural milongas. Cameron performing Gerry Mulligan part from Piazzolla's Summit.
Performing interlocked and aggregated tunes on Bolivian Tarkas
Students improvising on emerging patterns
WME students in a performance on Ugandan Amadinda.
A small and appreciative audience from Sydney that anchored at the Brisbane port and was touring upriver.

Waratah Ensemble

Sandy Evans,  Tony Lewis and master koto player Satsuki Odamura in a demonstration of composition and improvisation resources derived from South East Asian and Jazz idioms. Members of Waratah Trio initiating the session with a series of introductory remarks, explanations and brief playing illustrations.
Students of the WME share with Tony Lewis a session on Ugandan Amadinda. Later, Lewis teaches the group a comparable performing technique from Balinese gamelan. Satsuki plays on koto variations of the emerging melodies.

Vietnamese Ca Trù and the World Music Ensemble


world music ensemble with guests

A joint performance celebrating the visit of Thi Hue Pham, Vietnamese master of Ca Trù , playing alongside with Hyelim Kim (Korean Taegum), Dheraj Shrestha (tabla), Gerardo Dirié (Double bass), Leah Barclay (South Indian morsing), and musicians of the World Music Ensemble.